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About Us

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Consulting and IT Services from CAM Info Tech focus on defining, optimizing and aligning our client’s business strategy with IT initiatives. We believe that business and technology work hand-in-hand. A proper understanding of this synthesis motivates every engagement, enabling us to deliver technology solutions that give you a decisive competitive advantage.





Regarding us

Digital Transformation

CAM Info Tech has built the necessary systems, procedures, infrastructure, technical experts and tools & technologies to meet the growing demands of its clients. We help organizations solve complex business challenges by deploying cutting edge AI technologies to bring about digital transformation enabling process automation. The deployment is carried out on the cloud ensuring speed, agility, and efficiency.We offer unique platform that combines artificial intelligence and quantum inspired algorithms to improve client’s efficiency and productivity significantly.

We have experience in artificial intelligence-powered applications such as speech recognition, image recognition, chatbots, and sentiment analysis and self-driving cars.

Cloud Transformation

CAM Info Tech helps its clients on multiple fronts such as migration from on-premise to cloud deployment and build applications and deploy in a cloud environment. We make sure the cloud transformation is streamlined for data security for a smooth transition from on-premise to cloud. Our experts come with deep experience serving multiple industries offering complete a suite of cloud transformation services.

Help clients with adoption of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS leveraging the efficiency, scale, and elasticity of cloud services.

Our specialty lies in providing end-to-end value creation in services like Consulting, Implementation and App development.

Customer Focus

Meet or exceed the expectations of internal and external customers


Listen, understand, and validate everyone irrespective of their position & role


Take 100% ownership for your decisions, behaviors and results


Be honest with customers and co-workers


Our Clients Get Results